I’m sure it happens to the best of us… we lose our motivation. It is hard to get up at the crack of dawn to fit in a workout. It is hard to order the salad (as yummy as it may be) over the cheese fries (my weakness). It is hard and annoying to track your calories every day and figure out how to squeeze in that ice cream, etc.

So why do we do it? There are actually a lot of reasons. They are super easy to forget when that steaming fresh pizza or that juicy cheeseburger is sitting in front of your face. (Are we sensing a theme here? I think I’m abnormal for a female – it isn’t so much sweets or chocolate that does me in, it’s GREASE. I’d fry my salads if I could.)

I thought, as motivation for myself and maybe you, I’d list out why I do this everyday.

1. To live longer.

2. To not pull out those shorts from last season and wonder if they will fit.

3. So I don’t have to suck it in when I’m standing in just my bra.

4. To not cringe when I look at pictures.

5. To not wear long shirts to hide the muffin top.

6. To have good blood pressure and cholesterol readings at the doctor.

7. So people aren’t surprised when I say I’m a runner.

8. To get that “look” from my boyfriend.

9. So jeans are comfortable, not constricting.

10. So baggy clothes look good, not frumpy.

11. To work out in just a sports bra.

12. To have energy and feel alive.

13. Skinny jeans.

14. Feeling secure at the beach, and not have to sit at just the right angle.

15. To run a half marathon.


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