Racing photogenic?

Ok I will admit that I am not actually photogenic at all.

Check out this little beauty.

I’m not sure how I missed my calling to become a model.

I’m a member on Sparkpeople and people post the nicest race photos of themselves. Smiling and waving, looking like they are just floating on by. Nice hair, cute outfit…


I ran the Women’s 5K by the Bay and I honestly look like a baboon. I know people tend to be more critical of their own pictures but seriously, you have to TRY to look this bad in pictures. Check it out.

Oh hey thunder thighs.

How is it possible that I look the most normal in this one??

Am I trying to catch bugs or something?!

I look like I have a forehead the size of Texas. The outfit is not very figure flattering (and here I thought those spandex pants were really pulling things in). I was even wearing a little mascara but perhaps I should have just thrown a bag over my head. This is the bazillionth race I’ve done and I have yet to get a somewhat decent photo. This is just humiliating.


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