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I had to put this somewhere to keep myself accountable, and it’s too embarrassing to tell someone in real life. So let’s just talk about what I had to eat today:

-Chocolate milk (post workout)

-Cinnamon Burst Cheerios with a banana and skim milk

-Homemade lasagna

-Baby carrots

-Everything Bagel Thin with one laughing cow wedge

-Snicker’s Bar (BAD BAD BAD)

-Way too many Cocoa Roast Almonds (had to be two servings)

-Turkey sloppy joe (no bun), asparagus, salad with berries and balsamic vinaigrette

-Apple Cinnamon Vitatop with Eating Right Mocha Cappuccino ice cream

I finally feel full. All day I’ve felt hungry, and I hate feeling hungry. I feel like that makes me decide that it’s not worth it to eat healthy and feel hungry all the time. It makes passing up the bad food even harder. It makes me think that I can’t do this for the rest of my life, and if I can’t keep it up, then why even bother?

I want so badly to be one of those people who find it easy to eat healthy. One that can stop at just a couple or pass up on the junk altogether. I am so admirable of those people who eventually train themselves to find unhealthy food to be unappealing. I have never reached that point. I truly enjoy healthy food, but nothing beats greasy fried food. NOTHING. At least not yet. I wonder if I can ever get over this. I want to be able to happily pass on it, or be satisfied with just a little bit. Is this even possible?



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