The Inaugural Post!

Welcome to the inaugural post of Racing in Heels! (Yes, it took a couple of tries to spell “inaugural” correctly.)

This blog is going to have very little direction or purpose…. just a forewarning. It will most likely consist of my random thoughts that occur, mainly revolving around running, food, and fashion. After all, these are a girl’s 3 favorite things right?

Let’s begin with some random photos that I will use to introduce myself.

First off, me:

This is me and Taylor in our friend’s wedding in December. His best friend from home and my college roommate got married (yes, we set them up and yes, we brag about that every chance we get).

This is our home (or, the view from it):

I am aware this is sideways. I am also aware I have no idea how to fix it. (Um, help). Anyway, this is Baltimore! We pay wayyyy too much for an apartment that’s wayyyy too small. But we love it and we’re here for another year!

Which brings me to our next photo adventure:

This is just our coat closet. (I’m not sure where Taylor’s coats are…. hmmm). It’s stuffed. Behind/underneath/in between all that is our vacuum, ironing board, and several pieces of luggage. But just beware, removing any one of the above results in an explosion.

And finally, something you actually may want to see!  Some extremely important fashion icons:

We have here, in this one little photo: 1) Kim Kardashian (who will from here on out be referred to as Kim K, a member of the Kardash family, because you know, we’re BFFs). 2) The Birkin Bag (I die). 3) Christian Louboutin shoes. One day, I WILL own a pair. Maybe when I’m not so poor.

And finally, since I DID name this blog “Racing In Heels”, I shall include something fitness related (sort of).

How awesome is this photo?! I promise I don’t really run in heels. But seriously, what a calf workout….


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